Olimpic bar $.125.00



The PFO olimpic bar  is an economically priced full size Olympic bar that is ideal for using as a bench press bar, squat bar or as an all around general purpose bar. the bar  is 7′ long with a 30mm diameter shaft and medium diamond knurling. There is also a center knurl included which is useful when squatting and can help keep the bar from sliding off the neck or shoulders. Plate sleeves freely rotate on smooth bushings eliminating torque on the wrists caused by moving plates. This is especially helpful when performing barbell curls or Olympic lifts such as barbell snatches. The inside shoulder to inside shoulder gripping area measures 51″ and is compatible with all Olympic bench presses and squat racks. For improved wear and extended life, Body Solid triple chromes the bar and sleeves for advanced protection against rust, chipping, scarring and peeling. With a total weight capacity of 600 pounds, the PFO olimpic bar can be used in garage gyms as well as commercial gyms.